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Post by Bartel on 30.04.10 6:10

Dear Zoners, please read these rules before going out and posting.

Follow these and you'll have a great time here with CTT, myself, and the rest of the Sportzone community.

1. No Spamming: Spamming is a big no-no in Sportzone. Posts like, "yep", and "na" are not posts, add empithis to your posts.

Result: Warning or ban depending on the severity of the post.

2. Use Grammar in posts: To make Sportzone a attractive and friendly place, we need good first impresions. People will not think this is a good forum if they come on and see posts like "Do u thnk tht st kildaa willl wiin te woooden sppoon?" It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to run over a post and check for grammar.

Result: Warning. 3 Warnings equals ban.

3. No Racism: Racism is unacceptable. Dissing peoples culture or colour is not acceptable.

Result: Lifetime ban.

4. No Swearing: No swearing will be tolerated on Sportzone. Crap, damn, shit, and other average swear words are acceptable only if they are not directed to another member. Swearing over 5 times in a post is also unacceptable.

Result: Swearing offensivley to another player will result in a warning. 3 warnings will results in a ban. Saying f*** without astrics will result in a warning. 3 warnings result in a ban. Saying f*** offensivley to another player will result in a temporary ban, 3 times will result in a lifetime ban.

5. No advertising: Advertising in a post is not aloud. However, you may put your advertisments in your signature, just make sure to get members from your forum to join here!

Result: Advertising in a post will result in a warning. 3 warning will result in a ban

6. No Pornography: Absoloutley unacceptable.

Result: Lifetime ban.

7. No trolling: Trolling is where you post something off-topic to the subject. This can distract posters and put the thread or even forum off-topic.

Results: Trolling results in a warning. 3 warnings result in a ban.

8. No Back-seat Moderating: Back seat moderating is telling people what they did wrong. If someone breakes a rule, contact a admin or moderator, if one is online, prefferably contact him/her.

Result: Back seat moderating will result in a warning. 3 warnings will result in a lifetime ban.

9. No multi-accounting: Making multiple accounts on Sportzone is unacceptable. We will find out if you make another account. If you wish to change your username, just contact CTT or I.

Result: Making another accout will result in a ban.

10. RESPECT: All of these rules come into Number 10. Respect your fellow members. They are also human beings, they have feelings, respect them. Braking the rules is dis-respecting your fellow Zoners.

All CTT and I ask of you is to not brake these rules, and have fun. We look foward to working with you.

Thank-you Zoners!

CTT and Bartel, admins of Sportzone.

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